Nio Achieves Milestone: Ultra Long Range Battery Covers Over 1000km

Nio, a leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, recently accomplished a significant feat by surpassing 1000 kilometers on a single charge with its production-spec Ultra Long Range battery. This achievement, completed in December under the helm of Nio’s CEO William Li, signifies a major milestone in the advancement of smart EV technology.

The Test Journey:

The rigorous test involved a 14-hour drive from Shanghai to Xiamen, covering a distance of 1044 kilometers (649 miles). Notably, the journey included a stopover and driver swap, showcasing the practicality and endurance of Nio’s EV technology under real-world conditions.

Statement from CEO William Li:

Commenting on the milestone, CEO William Li emphasized the significance of surpassing the 1000-kilometer mark, highlighting its role in accelerating the transition from gasoline to electric-powered vehicles. Li’s statement underscores Nio’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV innovation.

Battery Performance:

Following the exhaustive journey, the battery, integrated into Nio’s ET7 EV, retained 3% charge, demonstrating remarkable efficiency and range capabilities. This performance reinforces Nio’s position as a frontrunner in the EV market, setting new standards for battery longevity and endurance.

Battery Swapping Innovation:

In addition to conventional charging methods, Nio distinguishes itself through its innovative battery swapping technology. With an extensive network of battery-swap stations across China and Europe, Nio offers customers the convenience of exchanging depleted batteries for fully-charged ones, enhancing the overall EV ownership experience.

Future Implications:

Nio’s successful demonstration of long-range EV capabilities opens doors to broader adoption of electric-powered vehicles and contributes to reducing reliance on traditional gasoline-powered cars. The achievement paves the way for advancements in EV technology, driving sustainable transportation solutions globally.

Nio’s milestone achievement of covering over 1000 kilometers on a single charge with its Ultra Long Range battery represents a significant breakthrough in the EV industry. As the automotive sector continues its transition towards electrification, Nio’s commitment to innovation and performance positions it as a key player in shaping the future of sustainable mobility.


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